FREN TUBO outlines that, for all productions of brakes hoses with covering, the priority point is resistance to UV rays.


As far as the production of hose with transparent covering is concerned, the reason why the hoses tend more to grey than to blue tonality, is mainly due to two reasons:


1) AISI 304 Stainless Steel braiding has a metallic colour closer to grey than to other colours


2) the granulated compound used for the covering consists of additives that blend the shades to the disadvantage of the gloss, but that give invariability in time since they give major resistance to UV rays, preventing that the hose become yellow over the years of use.



Nowadays there are a large number of brake hose brands on the market, but whichever one you choose, take great care to check the following.

  • Make sure the product is certified to FMVSS 106 regulations by a registered certification agency (the best known are the German TÜV and the American DOT) to ensure it meets all technical standards necessary for the correct functioning of your braking system hose.
  • You should also check that the certification actually applies to the specific product you're buying! We have actually come across several widely available products that are somewhat misleading. Bear in mind that certification is only valid when the name of the company referred to in the certifying document appears on the junction between the hose and the fitting. In other words, just printing the name of the company on the package or on the hose is not enough.

You can only be sure that the brake hose has been assembled and tested by the manufacturer as prescribed in applicable regulations when the name is engraved on the pressing point ; otherwise you could be buying a product of unknown origin or an original that has been subsequently adapted by someone else.
If this is the case, remember you are not protected!
Check each and every fitting junction in the kit that you're thinking of buying and if the manufacturer's name is not engraved on even just one of them, you could be placing your own safety in the hands of a total stranger!

If you are looking at a FREN TUBO product, hold the fitting upright and turn it slowly: the full brand name must be legible.


In order to boost the sales of its products, a well-known manufacturer of brake hoses is using a persuasive technique which we hold to be misleading.
This company chooses not to use aluminium alloy in its brake hose terminal fittings, opting for stainless steel or titanium instead. It claims that aluminium alloy fittings are dangerous for motorcyclists, and the reduction in the weight of aluminium parts is so tiny that it is not worth the additional safety risk involved.
A number of tables indicating the strengths of various materials are provided to support this theory.
What conclusions are motorcyclists expected to draw from this?
Clearly, choosing fittings in aluminium alloy (by FREN TUBO or any other manufacturer) means they have little regard for their own safety, or are even deliberately putting their lives at risk.
Safety has always been a number one priority for us at FREN TUBO, and we are therefore offended by this insinuation. We firmly believe that there are absolutely no grounds to these claims for the simple reason that the most delicate part of every brake hose is the joint between the hose and its terminal fitting. Hence even an indestructible terminal fitting that is faulty or defective at that point would lose all mechanical resistance properties.
The quality of a product is measured against criteria laid down in FMVSS 106 international regulations and so we believe that it is wrong to promote one's own products by spreading unfounded alarm.
The aforementioned company also goes on to allege that Kevlar® and carbon are unsuitable for use as construction materials in brake hoses.

What do we say?

That we are getting used to this kind of allegation by now, and that it actually gives us reason to feel quite proud of ourselves!
Why is that? Well, when we first started manufacturing brake hoses with stainless steel braiding there was widespread belief that they would never pass road tests. That was 20 years ago, and not only have we been certified, numerous companies are now producing brake hoses with stainless steel braiding and they have been certified too.
The same thing happened when we started manufacturing and achieved certification for our Kevlar® braided hose, and the same again with carbon braiding.

Our policy is never to criticize our competitor's products for the sole purpose of promoting our own!
We prefer to devote that energy to further improving our products!


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